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Fleetwood Mac @ Paris, Bercy Oct 11 2013

Fleetwood Mac @ Paris, Bercy Oct 11 2013

Fleetwood Mac back in Paris, 4 years after playing @ Zénith, this time it's @ Paris Bercy 12000 capacity arena as it's an all seated event.
Due to circonstances beyond our control we've missed the first 4 songs of the set, too bad as they've played songs from "Rumours" that has recently been re-released as an expanded edition.
For the best Pictures of FLEETWOOD MAC on the net it's on ROCKERPARIS
The stage is absolutly beautiful with a huge screen in the back playing short movies or what's going on on stage, the lightning is bright (perfect for taking pictures) and the sound is neat.
They have 4 additional musicians with Brett Tuggle on keys (former David lee Roth band) including on guy on percussions, helping out Mick Fleetwood, that is hidden behind the PA and won't be introduced to the audience unlike the other musicians and backing vocals girls.

Luckily the audience is a bit more wild that at The Who concert and people are standing up and rushing to the front of the stage at the beginning of the 2h30 min show.
The band is playing all the hits (see setlist for details) and a couple of newbies.
Some of the songs are extended and Lindsey is showing the whole world how under-estimated a guitar player he is. He's playing with his fingers and what a fabulous guitar player.
Stevie Nicks still have her trademark voice and clothes, we even have a drum solo by Mick Fleetwood always keen on going down the front to play the fool trying to get the elusive John McVie in his games with no success.
Can't tell you that Fleetwood Mac's music is our drug of choice, some of the songs are a bit "light" to us. No need to tell you that we prefer the first incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, at the time it was: Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and they were a British Blues band.
Nevertheless some of the songs performed tonight are classics, the band is an institution in England and in the US of A.
English and Americans were en force in Bercy tonight.
Too bad that some of the introductions to some of the songs were a bit long, do we really need to hear long stories ? , or maybe is it a good way for them to catch their breath between songs or for Stevie to change clothes.
Overall good show
 setlist  (above) Pass sheet (far right)

Fleetwood Mac @ Zénith Oct 17 2009

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