lundi 25 mars 2013

The Love Beatles + Pete Best @ Alhambra, Paris March 23 2013

The Love Beatles + Pete Best @ Alhambra, Paris March 23 2013
 Pete Best first drummer for The Beatles (above)

 I'm not really the kind of guy willing to pay to see a tribute band however good it is ( Letz Zepp @ Olympia) but this time I did, not that I knew who The Love Beatles were but mainly because Pete Best, 1st drummer with The Beatles was there in person... and also because a friend of mine just told me about the gig in the afternoon.
He wasn't supposed to play at all with The Love Beatles, just a Question & Answer before the gig with a former journalist from Best for 30 min.
Interesting to see him in person answering question even though there was nothing new to learn from this chat.
Then there was the gig:
The Love Beatles playing "Please Please Me" in its entirety for the 50th anniversary of its released.
They look great on stage ( same clothes and haircut)  and the sound is vintage courtesy of vintage guitars and Vox PA.
Just a short break for the band to change clothes and look like the original Beatles circa 1965-1966 for a best of...
We have a 20 min intermission where we're trying to get some info is Pete Best playing a couple of songs in the second part ? Yes He will we're being told...
Second part with the band dressed with Sergent peppers costumes before they stripped down to some casual clothing for the last part of the set.
From what I've been told The Love Beatles are much better that the Rabeats. Don't know but we had a great time, Hard to do wrong with some many hits and 4 very competent musicians sounding and looking like the originals.
Pete Best is back onstage but not behind the drum kit he's recording footage of the audience screaming a sentence for his next video... What the Fuck !!!
Too bad he didn't play at all but a great night out.