mardi 15 mai 2012

Garbage @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris May 15 2012

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@ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris May 15 2012

Garbage just played their first show in Paris in 7 years and we were lucky to attend this event for L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+ TV show in front of a selected audience of less than 200 people.
They've already played this tv show in 2005 and Rockerparis was alreday there to attend.
Same line-up with Eric Avery on bass from the original Jane's Addiction.

Strangely enough there are no monitors on stage and we can hear bits of pre-recorded tapes before they took the stage.
They're starting the gig with a new song, it's an up-tempo song but it sounds like Katty Perry, there are too many electro on it specially on drums and at one moment lots of auto-tune on the voice. It's not looking good.
They may be only 5 on stage but they do sound like there are 10 people on stage , courtesy of many effects and pre-recorded tapes.
Out of the 11 songs on tonight's setlist only 4 new songs, they do sound better Live than on the album but you can hear the difference between the new ones and the quality of the old stuff.
Garbage have some great songs and we're glad that they're playing many old ones but I have to say I was expecting more new ones tonight as it's a promotional tv show.
Nevertheless the old stuff brings back fond memories and the band is rocking, too bad we don't have tickets for tomorrow's gig @ Olympia (sold-out).
They had to re-play the first two songs as Shirley had some lipstick on her teeth, she messed up the lyrics on "Queer" so we had a third one.
Very good performance.


Before the band left the premises they stayed and signed stuff for fans and took pics with them, Patrice took a few snapshots with his digital camera.