Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Suzanne Vega + Valerie June + Ayo @ Lalala Unplugged Festival @ Théatre de Paris July 08 2014

Suzanne Vega + Valerie June + Ayo @ Lalala Unplugged Festival @ Théatre de Paris July 08 2014
Summer time , there are festivals everywhere, this one in a beautiful theatre where we saw the play "Un singe en hiver" a couple of months ago, Johnny Hallyday played also a special show here with guest Brian Setzer on guitar. The theatre is the property of a French millionaire businessman who owns "Vente privée" website and who is organizing this festival.
Yesterday Keziah Jones played here tonight it's "girls only" with Valerie June, Suzanne Vega & Ayo.
First on stage is Valerie June from Memphis , Tennessee for some blues -folk music, she's on her own on acoustic guitar or banjo with lots of stories to tell between songs. I'm too sure if people could understand everything she said as you can really hear with her thick accent that she's from the deep south telling stories from the deep south... Anyway,  she has a strong high-pitched voice that she probably needs to modulate a bit more.
Overall good show
Valerie June ouvre les débats, seule avec une guitare acoustique pour un set dépouillé gorgé de blues-folk et soul, entre chaque titre nous avons droit a des petites histoires typiques du sud des Etats Unis, la belle est originaire de Memphis, Tennessee, prononcées avec un fort accent sudiste de mama, pas sur que tout le monde a capté toutes les subtilités de ses interventions mais intéréssant.Valérie a une voix haut perché et extremement puissante qui gagnerait à etre modulée un peu plus.
Etonnante transportation dans les bouges d'une amerique sudiste et profonde.
Valerie June
Then we have the "Plat de resistance" with New Yorker Suzanne Vega still playing with Gerry Leonard, when he's not recording secretly with David Bowie, and a drummer (could get his name).
no need to tell you that we only came here for her.
Nice show, as always with Suzanne. She's still promoting the new album so we have 2-3 new songs and the classics of course, see setlist below for details.
Attraction principale de ce festival, la présence de Suzanne Vega qui justifiait à elle seule notre venue. Formation réduite avec Gerry Leonard à la guitare et un batteur sur quelques titres. Pas besoin d'en faire des tonnes quand on a les chansons, un set simple et chaleureux avec quelques compositions issues de son nouvel album.
Une réussite comme toujours.
Suzanne Vega
Then it's time to make a move to the café nextdoor to watch World Cup semi finals between Brasil vs Germany. WOW !!! hard to believe what we saw in the first half with Germany playing so good and Brazil completely loosing it and playing as If they were a 3rd league team. 5-0 at the end of the first half.
So we went back to the concert to catch a glimpse of Ayo performing, we're not big fan but it was a bit better than expected with her playing acoustic guitar ( and grand piano) with just a guy playing bass on his keyboard or trumpet.
She had the best ovation of the night but a few songs was just good enough for us so we went back to the café enjoying the end of the game with a very impressive mannshchaft , they could have score a couple more times. Unbelievable !!!  
 Ayo closing the night