Wednesday, June 25, 2014

CHICAGO @ Olympia , Paris June 26 2014

CHICAGO @ Olympia , Paris June 26 2014
Formed in 1967 CHICAGO is still active and touring, a new album "XXXVI" will be out soon and the band is playing a full Olympia tonight. Last time we saw them was at the Casino de Paris in 2008
Of course it's an early start 8:00pm sharp so we've missed the beginning of the the first set...  the band is playing more obscure songs,apart from "If you leave me now" and including "Now" a new one.
Each main band member has a solo spot, playing a song each ending the first set with a 10 min song with multi-part work "ballet for a girl..." which if you're not familiar with their repertoire can be less interesting.

After a 20 min intermission, the band is back at full steam playing all the hits (see setlist below) "I'm a man" incorporating a clash of the titan between the drummer and the percussionist. We also have some nice rendition of "Saturday" and "feeling Stronger"

The band is ending a 2h30 min set with the usual "Free" and a kicking ass version of "24O624" (here on video below)

Great second part

 setlist & Merchandising