Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stephen King Meet & Greet @ Grand Rex, Paris Nov 16 2013

Stephen King Question & Answer @ Grand Rex, Paris Nov 16 2013

 Stephen with Augustin Trapenard doing the interview

Stephen King doing a Q&A @ Grand Rex theatre in Paris ( we went to see Bob Dylan there 3 times this week), the 2500 capacity theatre was sold-out ages ago.
30 euros to get in and you could get the 25 euros book on your way in, so it was quite cheap to meet the King.And a very good technic for Albin Michel, the French publisher to sell 2500 books in just one night, a good way to have it  N°1 in the charts.
plus Maxime Chattam (-Rockerparis- is hiding somewhere in the audience on this pic)

It started on time 8:30pm with Stephen and interviewer and translator sitting on red sofas and chatting for 70 min before taking questions from the audience for the last 20 min.
Stephen read a couple of pages and left the premises.
Nice evening with the King.

Stephen King press conference @ Press Club Nov 12 2013
Stephen King signing session @ MK2 Bibliothèque, Paris Nov 13 2013