Thursday, November 7, 2013

Franz Ferdinand @ Studio de la Grande Armée for Virgin Radio, Paris Nov 07 2013

Franz Ferdinand @ Studio de la Grande Armée pour Virgin Radio, Paris Nov 07 2013

Private FRANZ FERDINAND concert in a real recording studio where Stevie Wonder, Mick Jagger and many others recorded. Organized by French radio Virgin Radio nad broadcasted live on the internet.
Not a lot of people, no more than a 100, mostly competition winners and guests. The entrance is very narrow and you have to walk through a tiny corridor to access the studio, it's not packed and conditions are perfect, great sound.
It's starting with a short interview and then the band is playing a 12 songs set, it's not the first time that we're lucky enough to attend a FF show in front of a selected audience, we've already seen them perform @ Studio SFR, Album de la Semaine (on the same night) and some proper shows @ Cigale, Zénith...
Always a pleasure, nice songs, it's rocking and the guys are really nice too. 
As you can notice they have a "new" bass player. 
We met all of them at the after-party where fans could get a picture with them and have their things signed and Nick told us that Robert Hardy their bass player had some family business and won't be with them for the next 3 weeks.

 There was also a aftershow cocktail in the tiny coridor leading to the studio, Virgin Radio have done things in a perfect way, no VIPs fo this one everyone is invited, well done guys.

Here are some of the official Pictures from the show HERE
 Meet & Greet