Friday, October 18, 2013

Deep Purple / Peter Frampton @ Zénith, Paris Oct 20 2013

Deep Purple / Peter Frampton @ Zénith, Paris Oct 20 2013

Deep Purple is back in Paris just after playing the very same zénith arena , this time with a great opening band Peter Frampton. As it's sunday it's an early show meaning that Peter is getting on stage at 6:30, What the Fuck ! So we've missed half of his set. The Sound wasn't loud, didn't need any earplugs but perfect. Peter probably lost a bit of hair but not his subtle guitar playing.
Great instrumental cover version of Soundgarden's "Black Hole sun".
Ending his hour set with "Do You Feel Like We Do". Nice to see veteran bass player Stanley Sheldon.

SETLIST: (Thanks to Leopold, correct setlist)
 01.Being For The Benefits Or Mr. Kite (Preshow Intro)
02.Something's Happening
03.Doobie Wah
04.Lines On My Face05. Show Me the Way
06.Double Nickels
07.Baby I Love Your Way
08. Black Hole Sun
09. Do You Feel Like We Do

After a short break we have DEEP PURPLE , here to promote their latest album "Now What ?!", I can't tell you that we're great fan of this album, we try and try but we can't get into it.
They opened the show with a new song then "Into the fire"... as usual with Deep Purple the lightning is fantastic, great sound from where we were (down the front). The show is divided in several parts with jams and soli so that Ian Gillan can rest his voice.
You can feel the camaraderie between musicians. Steve Morse is on top form feeding us with numerous soli.
"Perfect Strangers" was once again welcomed with the biggest cheers of the night, well almost, great track.
Great gig once again even though we'd like them to cut out some of the soli or jam.
Strange thing, it's probably the first time ever that we're attending a Deep Purple concert without them playing "Highway Star".

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