Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Stereophonics @ Studio SFR, Paris March 05 2013

The Stereophonics @ Studio SFR, Paris March 05 2013
Before their sold-out show @ Bataclan on March 13 , The Stereophonics are playing this private gig @ Studio SFR in front of 200 people.

 Always nice to see such a famous band is such a tiny place , it's full but no more than 200 people in here and still room to breath even down the front. We're just on time and the band is getting on stage just as we arrived by the side of the stage on the left. Perfect spot.
The band is starting with brand new song "Indian summer", I guess they would have played most of the new album with a couple of hits in the end, not really.(see setlist below)
We've seen the Stereophonics a few times in Paris ( Maroquinerie & Café de la Danse) and in London ( Wembley stadium and some other places I can't remember) and each time we were a bit disappointed, they are nice little boys playing some nice rock songs, good songs though but NOT rock (read Heavy) enough. It's true today and to make things worse it's an acoustic/electro gig.
COME ON GUYS, take your balls out & put them on the table  !!!
We want some wild guitars and heavier songs !!!
I'm pretty sure that even my little sister would fell asleep listening to those songs.

 Good gig but NOT Heavy enough.