Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Cult + Gun @ Bataclan , Paris Sept 19 2012

The Cult + Gun @ Bataclan , Paris Sept 19 2012

3 Years after playing the very same Bataclan theatre (on Oct 2nd 2009), The Cult are back in the French Capital to promote their brand new album.
It's far from being full, I guess we can blame the silly prices, 75 euros for the best seat at the balcony, Who the Fuck is gonna pay 75 euros for The Cult ?!?

is opening, they're already on stage when we're getting into the Bataclan and it's not even 7:00 PM. Jesus that's an early start. They are all-right.

Afetr a long intermission The Cult are getting on stage @ 8:30 PM sharp, too bad it's forbidden to take pictures the lightning is nice specially on Billy Duffy & Ian Astbury with some cool paintings on the backdrop.
Ian is looking much better than 3 years ago, better voice too, he's in good spirit repeating many times how much he loves Paris and chatting with the audience: "Hey man, are you texting on your mobile when you're having sex with your wife?" always with a smile on his face.
WoW !!! He's not insulting people tonight: big changes from last time.
Billy on the right is as cool as fuck, ...as ever should I say, with some neat guitar playing.
The Cult has great songs, needless to tell you, they've rocked the Bataclan.
Doesn't need that much to get an enjoyable gig: great songs and Mr Astbury in fine form.
Maybe he shouldn't blame the strict curfew for only playing 80 min including The Encore, you don't fool no one.
see setlist for details (below)

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