Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mudhoney @ La Villette Sonique, Paris, May 27 2012

Mudhoney @ La Villette Sonique, Paris, May 27 2012
Mudhoney 2012: Guy Maddison/Dan Peters/ Mark Arm/ Steve Turner

This week-end has been hot & sunny, summer time is here at last as May has been awful with rain almost very day for the last couple of weeks.
The Parc de la Villette is rammed on this sunny sunday with people having a late lunch on the grass with their kids.
Nice to see many sexy girls in skinny tee-shirts, mini skirts and shorts, that's summer to me...finally.

We're not hanging around on this sunday afternoon in the Park for the chicks but to attend Mudhoney's gig outdoor.
The stage is set up just by the Canal with the Zénith arena nearby (Soundgarden is playing there on May 29) and the Cité des Sciences in the back.
After leaving our friends still laying in the sun having some red wine, organic cheese and fruit salad we're making our way to the concert area that is packed with several thousands music freaks. Free gigs are always attracting people.

Mudhoney is taking the stage @ 4:30 pm as we're baking under the sun, the sound is loud , clear and the guitar sound is distorted the way we like it.
The band is rocking out their best songs in front of a well behaved audience.
There's a small gap between the stage and the first row with no crash barrier but just a couple of security guys, they will get some work to do when the band is playing their heavier and fastest songs including a great rendition of "Touch me I'm sick" (here on video).
Finally the audience is getting wilder halfway through, starting pogoing and crowd-surfing down the front still with a "sunday family gathering " attitude.
Everyone is well behaved and good natured.
Surprisingly Mudhoney is doing a pretty long set, with several songs played for the encore ("Blinding sun","Here comes sickness","The money will roll right in", "Hate the police" & "Fix Me"), almost 90 min in all.
The band seems happy by its performance and so are we, even though Mark Arm told us after the show that he had trouble with his voice.
It's unusual to rock so early and in daylight but it was very entertaining and fun.
First time I was seeing them and we all had a great time.
setlist without Encore, Check videos of the last 3 songs HERE

"Touch Me I'm Sick"