Sunday, May 13, 2012

Metallica @ Stade de France (Part 2), Paris May 12 2012

Metallica @ Stade de France (Part 2), Paris May 12 2012

Part 1 is HERE
Another great performance by 'Tallica.
Beginning of the show was terrific with "Hit the Lights" & "Master..."
The Black Album is far from being my favorite but it was interesting to hear some of these songs for the first time including brand new song "Hell & Back".
Attending the show from the Snake pit is fantastic, there's enough room to move and have a different perspective from song to song.

We were so close to the stage that I can't remember watching anything on the screens for the whole set,
We had a very good sound too and from time to time when we were just next to the catwalk we could hear the band's own stage monitors as if we were ON the stage.

Needless to tell you that METALLICA ROCKED the Stade de France !
Ross Halfin @ Work (far left)

1) Hit the Lights (another video with Master)
2) Master of Puppets
3) No remorse
4) For whom the bell tolls
5) Hell & back (new song)
6) The struggle within
7) My friend of misery
8) The god that failed
9) Of Wolf & man
10) Nothing else matters
11) Through the never (from the pit)
12) Don't tread on me
13) Wherever I may roam (from the pit)
14) The Unforgiven
15) Holier than thou
16) Sad but True
17) Enter sandman
18) Battery
19) One
20) seek & DESTROY !!!

Enter Sandman

official Pics from the show here