Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mosko & friend "Félins" @ Galerie Oblique, Paris Oct 11 2011

Mosko " Félins" @ Galerie Oblique, Village St Paul
12 Oct- 05 Nov 2011

streets of Paris: Space Invader (far left), Bastille after demonstration (center), Hotel Particulier (far right)
Mosko Paintings (with Jérome Mesnager on far left)

"Félins" exhibition Vernissage for French Street-artist Mosko @ Galerie Oblique.
That's the kind of street art that we really like @ Rockerparis, you've already seen some street paintings on this site.(HERE and other pages I can't find)
Always a nice way of getting the city more beautiful and better than those fucking tags.

Lots of people for this vernissage tonight, street-art has never been so popular.
We had the pleasure of having the artist(s) doing a stencil LIVE on the wall next to the Galerie.

It's always very interesting to know how these guys are doing specially when the painting is very difficult with lots of small details ( watch video below).
Mosko & friend @ Work

The evening wouldn't have been perfect without a nice restaurant Rue de Babylone just next Mick Jagger's apartment unfortunately he's not in town but in Peru.

Paris by Night