Friday, October 7, 2011

British sea Power @ Nouveau Casino, Paris Oct 08 2011

English band British Sea Power @ Nouveau Casino.

Not a lot of people for saturday night when the opening band is getting on stage, can't tell you their name , they were ok.

6 musicians for BSP including a girl on violin, sometimes they do have 3 guitars.
Cool pop-rock songs that can make you think of the Pixies, some are more heavy and others more pop with trumpet or piano.
It' was hard to hear the violin when 3 guitars were playing but it was a nice touch on softer songs.
Lively atmosphere in the audience with some happy jumping & pogoing, the club is now quite full though not packed.
The band is keeping the most epic songs à la Arcade Fire for the end of the 80 min set.

Very good gig, sorry no photos or videos as Patrice, our photographer, forgot his memory cards at home... so unprofessional !!!
SETLIST (From OLiver Peel)
01: Who's In Control
02: Oh Larsen B
03: We Are Sound
04: Mongk
05: No Lucifer
06: Lights Out For Darker Skies
07: North Hanging Rock
08: Living Is So Easy
09: Baby
10: Observes The Skies
11: Bear
12: Carrion
13: All In It

14: Remember Me
15: Spirit Of St Louis
16: Waving Flags
17: The Great Skua