Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rachael Dadd + Ichi + Emma & Chris @ Oliver Peel session #40, Paris Sept 24 2011

Rachael Dadd + Ichi + Emma Gatrill & Chris
@ Oliver Peel session #40, Paris Sept 24 2011
Emma Gatrill

Probably the penultimate session @ Oliver's near the Eiffel Tower before Oliver Peel moves to another place ( NEXT ONE ON Oct 06th, YES IT'S ON THURSDAY ) with Headlining act Rachael Dadd from Bristol.
The appartment is rammed tonight with lots of English & Americans and, as usual, lots of beautiful girls.
First on "stage" is Emma Gatrill, she has a tiny voice that's suits perfectly with her tunes on guitar or harp.
Ichi from Japan

Then we have Japanese multi-instrumentalist Ichi with certainely the most funny and unusual gig we ever attented @ Oliver's. He's playing lots of different instruments (see Pics) including the most unusual ones like playing with a type-writter or steel-drums with ping pong balls ... and water.
Surprising and entertaining
Rachael Dadd & friends

Last but not least is Rachael Dadd with some folk music on guitar, ukulele or banjo.
Very traditionnal with Irish influences.
She also has some guests musicians with Emma & Chris + Ichi.
She already played @ Oliver's on March 27 2010.
some of the beautiful people

Once again a complete success, lots of people , lots of food and drinks, a very good atmosphere.
It was a premiere too as we had a couple of people that nearly fainted because of the heat.
some more...& the artists (far left)

We had an after-show session down in the courtyard with Emma who played us a couple of more songs on harp.
The night ended with more drinks and pasta for all until the early morning.

Aftershow concert with Emma/ cat's getting all the attention/ en route...

Review @ Oliver's + Pics to come shortly.