Monday, September 12, 2011

Metronomy + Selah Sue + Piers Faccini + Soko @ We Love Green festival in Parc de Bagatelle - Paris , Sept 11 201

Metronomy + Selah Sue + Piers Faccini + Soko @
We Love Green Festival @ Parc de Bagatelle in Paris' Bois de Boulogne, Sept 11 2011

Probably the first time that we're going to the Parc de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne. Very cool place to attend a festival, not really rock as it's just next to the richest city of France: Neuilly sur Seine and also next to the richest districts of Paris.
Don't know why but we're a bit early, the doors are not open yet, the weather's shit, it's raining and it's a nightmare to get our passes as the guest-list's not arrive yet.
As we collect our passes the sun is back and we're now roasting.

The location is really wonderful, it's a park with grass and trees, it's also quite small, no more than 5 000 people, even if I've been told that the production asked for an extended licence to get 7000 punters on the site. It's a 70% posh female audience all between 16-25 years and all very beautiful even more posh and glamourous than the Rock en Seine festival. (check Pics below)
Sunday-Sunny afternoon in the park as The Kinks would say.
Better this than the Sonisphere Festival ( with the Big 4) atmosphere.

We Love Green... and girls !

As we're getting in French Female folk singer Soko has just arrived on stage. She's on her own on guitar for some relaxed folk songs. She'll be joined later by a guitar player. Her first album will be out next month.
Good 30 min+ show if you're into folk.
Piers Faccini

There is only 1 stage so there is a 30 min gap between bands, right moment to check some of the pictures exhibitions on the site or to get some drinks or food if you don't mind queuing for an hour to get anything as there are only a couple of caterers, same shit for the biological toilet.
More catering next year, guys. The atmosphere is so relaxed than in fact we don't really care.

Piers Faccini is next, he's doing his own soundcheck then he's on for some laid back folk-rock, beautiful voice à la Paul Rodgers.Maybe a bit too laid back for us even if a couple of songs are more up-tempo with some African rhythms like they do in Mali.

Media darling and raggamuffin blue-eye singer from Belgium Selah Sue is playing next. She's been very popular these last few months over here and has played every Festival in France this summer.
For the first time of the day the audience is standing up, instead of lying in the grass, and is getting closer to the stage to feel the beat.
We already saw her at the Album de la Semaine tv show in May.

Some girls (far left) Biological toilets ( center) Selah Sue ready to go on stage (far right)
As we're a bunch of lazy bastards @ ROCKERPARIS we're just gonna copy what we wrote back then, nothing's changed:
"All white band, she sings like a black girl from the caribbean (which means eating half of each word) even though she's a cute tiny white blonde from Belgium.
Cool music even if it's not our cup of tea, the band is very tight with a nice drummer who looks like he's barely in his late teens.
She has a great soul-rock voice like a black singer so it's funny to hear her talk in french between songs as she has a very thick Flemish accent.
Some of the songs are quite good with a very modern soul feelings with a groovy up-tempo, some others are a bit too ragga for us"
setlist Selah Sue

As you can see on the pic above she's hot as hell, not sure if the setlist is correct.

Another Miss Flower ;-)
Photo session before going on stage (far left)

Electro -pop sensation Metronomy is the first band to play in the dark with the full light show.
We saw then a couple of times already: @ a free showcase for the Fnac store in May and in Oct 2008 @ a private gig for SFR, they had a different line-up then, just 3 guys mostly on keys and we thought they were horrible.
They are now very popular in France, we still hate what they're doing but they have enhanced their sound with the addition of a 4th member, too bad the girl is on drums we couldn't see her.
Sound was perfect from the back but upfront was just too loud, too much bass.

setlist Metronomy

60min+ set, great lightshow even if the music sucks badly they are entertaining.

We had a nice sunday in the park even though most bands are second rate for us ( no offence).
Headlining this festival is Peter Doherty, the one we came for.
Full Review with Pics and videos ( including "Delivery" from his dressing room) HERE