Saturday, April 9, 2011

Master Class with John Landis ( & Costa Gavras) @ Fnac Forum, Paris April 09 2011

John Landis ( & Costa Gavras) @ Fnac Forum
Paris April 09 2011 4:30pm

John Landis is in Paris to promote his new comedy movie "Cadavres à la Pelle" ("Burke & Hare" in English). He asked famous director and CEO of the Cinémathèque Costa Gavras to join him.
It started 30 min late as John Landis was probably very busy doing interviews, Costa Gavras was there early and hang out nearby.
I've done a few master-classes with movie directors including one with Francis Ford Coppola and one with Sofia Coppola but this one was the most fun and the most interesting.
If you don't know who is John Landis, he's the Director of The Blues Brothers (one of my favorite movie), Trading Places , Beverly Hills Cop III & Coming To America with Eddie Murphy, Twilight Zone ... He also directed Michael Jackson's Thriller video-movie.
John Landis is very funny and most of all can't stop talking & talking & talking...which was really great as we were there to hear him talking.

Costa asked him a few questions first about his life as a director and how he get into the movie business but the most interesting part was when he talked about Michael Jackson's Thriller video making and the business around that video and the making Of of it.
He started nicely by calling Michael Jackson's father " a Pig"...
Watch this :

After this interview , he signed posters, dvds for the audience, a really cool guy.
The funny part is that he never talked about his new movie !
It lasted almost two hours.
Great !!!