Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sisters of Mercy @ Trianon, Paris March 05 2011

Sisters Of Mercy @ Trianon
Paris March 05 2011

Post-Punk, Goth-rock, Dark Wave ( or whatever you wanna call them) English band Sisters of Mercy is playing the beautiful and recently re-open Trianon concert hall in the red district of Pigalle, a two minutes walk from the Moulin Rouge, in Paris.

As you can guess most of the audience is in their 30's and ALL dressed in black.
The place is packed though not sold out.
No support band, just a DJ playing some cool tunes ( The Who , The Sparks....) but the poor guy seemed a bit lost on the stage.
The Sisters are taking the stage @ 8:50pm in a huge cloud of dry ice and some back lightning (a nightmare for our photographer, well he wasn't supposed to take any pics tonight but he just can't help).
The sound is perfect and not too loud, no drummer , just a drum machine and some cool "cold" guitar works for some cool cold Goth-rock.
Even if songs tend to sound similar, you get slowly into the music and the beat and by the second part of the show everybody in the stalls is standing up and dancing to their most famous songs.
It was probably Christmas as the singer said a few words and introduced the musicians, they even throw away some baloons in the audience at the end.
Nice David Bowie cover in the middle of the set, "John only Dancin'" on the setlist.


Even though I'm absolutely not familiar with their catalogue and not really into Goth-rock, that was really enjoyable.
Very good 90 min set.

It was also a pleasure to attend a gig @ Trianon, it's now the most beautiful concert hall in Paris ( the nearby Cigale has always been my favorite) and the bar is just amazing with some confortable sofas & chairs to lie on before or after the gig.
Maybe they should do something for the toilet, beautiful too but not very useful when they are overflowing.

Merchandising & the beautiful bar of the Trianon

"Dominion/Mother Russia" (Courtesy of Madame Mime)

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