Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sisters of Mercy @ Bataclan Paris March 7th 2009

Sisters of Mercy @ Bataclan Paris March 7th 2009

I just went to the gig out of curiosity as i don't really know anything about this band.
Just think of the heaviest and darkest early-The Cure song and you'll guess what kind of music they're playing.
First surprise : it's sold-out & the audience is VERY different from the one i've met this afternoon at the Charlie Winston showcase, instead of the 98% teenage girls, we have here a 70% male audience in their late thirties ALL dressed in Black.
The show hasn't started yet that i've never seen so much dry ice on a stage anywhere . It is hard to see the musicians on the first song and all along the concert.
There is so much smoke at the end of the show that it's also difficult to see the audience on the other side of the Bataclan.
The music is enjoyable even though it is very dark but the sound is too perfect and i'm wondering if they're not using tapes for the music and even for some vocals ( Backing vocals are obviously NOT live ).
Photographers are only allowed one song , I 'd like to see their pics, the dry ice is everywhere
The songs sounded a bit the same but the audience seemed to be really INTO it.

Here's a review from their show in Koln Germany from Oliver Peel with setlist & pics
Great pictures from the Bataclan by Robert Gil

SETLIST : (Courtesy of this forum )
(1) Afterhours Intro
(2) Crash & Burn
(3) Ribbons
(4) Train/Detonation Boulevard
(5) Alice
(6) Flood I
(7) Floorshow
(8 Anaconda
(9) Marian
(10) Suzanne
(11) Arms
(12) Dominion/Mother Russia
(13) Summer
(14) First And Last And Always
(15) This Corrosion
(16) Flood II

(17) Something Fast
(18 )Cool Vision Thing
(19) Lucretia My Reflection
(20) Top Nite Out
(21) Temple Of Love

Live Video sorry about the quality :