Thursday, March 3, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg "Initiales L G" exhibition @ Sotheby's Paris, March 3 2011

Serge Gainsbourg "Initiales L G" exhibition @ Sotherby's
Paris, March 03 2011 7:00pm
There is a Serge Gainsbourg exhibition @ Sotheby's in Paris from Feb 28 to March 09 just in front of the Elysée, Rue du Fbg St Honoré.
Tonight was the varnishing-day so it's very crowded with Posh people , not very rock'n Roll.
All the pictures are on sale, there are also a few lyrics sheets.
A DJ is playing Serge Gainsbourg's records in the background
Lyrics to "Love on the Beat" / Gainsbourg-Dali

I've spotted french singers Dany and Daniel Darc plus famous rock photographer Claude Gassian & the man responsible for introducing a very young Jane Birkin to a not so young Serge Gainsbourg for the first time ever: Mr Pierre Grimblat, who's a producer and director.
Dj (far left) Pierre Grimblat (center) Serge & topless Girls including Bambou (far right)

Cool party with sexy girls, music, drinks & canapés.

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