Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lydia Lunch & James Chance @ "Nuit Ouf" Disco -Punk au 104, Paris Jan 14 2011

"Nuit Ouf" Disco punk, No wave & post Punk 1976-1982
@ CentQuatre (104)
Paris Jan 14-15 2011

You could get an haircut for 2 euros (center), first band "Hyphen Hyphen" (far right)

ALL NIGHT PARTY at the trendy 104 in Paris, early start as the doors are opening at 9:00 PM, we're having a look around before the first band plays on the main stage. As we are the first one in we 're having a hair cut ( for 2 euros only), you could also have a Shiatsu massage ( 2 euros) , there is also Body Painting.
First band Hyphen & Hyphen is getting on stage as we're having our hair cut by "Art Hair" artists.
There are so many things it's hard to see it all but we're just on time to see Lydia Lunch, she's playing with a drummer a guitar player and a guy on keys and saxophone.
Heavy shit à la Black Sabbath with bits of Stooges, simple riffs but very efficient.
Not that much to say : show was great that's the kind of music we like @ ROCKERPARIS, she ended her set with a Lou Reed cover ( see setlist for details).
Legend Lydia Lunch
setlist & one of the 3 bathtub (far right)

After this heavy performance, we're going outside as some of us want to have a bath, there are 3 huge wood bath-tubs outside, the weather's warm even at past 11:00PM and the water's not too hot.
Afetr getting dry we're back inside for some more artists performances including a fashion collection show from Sakina M'Sa.
Icarus has been shot down ( far left), I guess It's Open ( center) Huge Lyrus (far right)

Make Up ( center) & fashion show (far right)

Far from being the best fashion show I've been to ( we're used to Chanel, Stella Mc Cartney's and all at ROCKERPARIS ) but it was fun & Punk remember it's a celebration of Punk tonight.
The atmosphere is lively everywhere you go and if you don't like live gigs you can dance to the music as there are a few DJs playing their stuff ( not really for us) in room 200 for the whole night.

James Chance & Les Contorsions ( Ex-James White)
James White aka as James Chance is headlining on the main stage : a mix of "bad" funk à la James Brown with Punk (?) and free jazz for a really cool set.
The guy is acting funny is stage, the music that's NOT Punk at all doesn't prevent some people to pogo down the front.
First time I'm seen people pogoing at a Funk Free-Jazz gig.

Can't tell you it was great but the guy's an underground legend and the set was fun.

It's now way past 1:00 AM but there is some more at the other side of the 104 with the performance of Musique Post-Bourgeoise, it's not a gig it's a "performance" just imagine Karl Marx fighting with a hosepipe for 10 min and then dancing with 2 French baguettes as another guy sitting on a sofa is talking into a megaphone and electronic music is playing in the background and you'll get a taste of what we've seen.
Musique Post-Bourgeoise feat. Constantin Leu performing

Almost 3:00AM and it's time to go to bed and as we're leaving the premises there are still people trying to get in to the sold out all night Disco -Punk Party @ 104.