Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cocoon @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+ Jan 11 2011

French Pop-Folk duet Cocoon is back with a new album " Where the Oceans end" ( click for video of first single) and they are promoting it with a small concert @ Famous Canal+ tv show : L' Album de la Semaine.
The studio 104 is packed for the first gig of the year here.
The duet ( the man on guitar and the girl on piano, both on vocals) are playing with a bass player, a drummer and a cello + violins on some songs.
Very good Pop-Folk band as you can't hear any french influences which is a good point and is probably why they're so good and they're singing in English.
Great vocals harmonies and catchy tunes.
Very nice start for our first gig of the year.

SETLIST ( not in order): Sushi, Dee Doo, Oh my God, Comets, Cathedral, Mother, Dolphins, Sea Lions II + encore with Dolphins, Sushi.

Check our previous review of Cocoon Live @ the Trabendo Session on Jan 29 2009.

Anna Calvi will playing @ Album de la Semaine on Jan 18.