Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jonsi, QOTSA & LCD Soundsystem @ Rock En Seine August 28 2010

Jonsi, QOTSA & LCD Soundsystem @ Rock en Seine
Parc de St Cloud, August 28 2010
Jonsi had trouble with his electronic equipment stuck in Portugal so he played an acoustic set ( on second stage) alone at the beginning then joined by his band on drums , guitar xylophone & bass.
He has the voice of an angel but it's a bit boring specially in a festival maybe we should him in a club to really appreciate.

We left after 5-6 songs to get a decent view for QOTSA

Things are really getting hot on the main stage, it's packed, the audience is very different no more teenager girls.
They've done a killer set, but down the front we're fighting for our lives, the pit is divided in two for the first 30 rows ( front to the back) which is the most stupid thing to do, people keep on pushing as they don't see there are crash barriers.
Many other festivals have a small pit not @ Rock en Seine , too bad.

Hard to appreciate a gig when you're crushed.

LCD Soundsystem on the second stage, some of the songs are interesting but others are really boring and very repetitive.
Not fan of electronic music so we left to the main stage to see Massive attack...