Monday, July 5, 2010

More Pictures from AC/DC @ Stade de France June 18 2010

Latest News:
Prince has push back the release of his new cd in the press ( Courrier International in France on July 8 is cancell).

Thanks for watching our videos on our YouTube channel (click on left of this page) : ZEROCKERPARIS, We have more than 40 000 hits for Stevie Wonder Feat Prince & Sheila E. @ Paris bercy and more than 350 000 hits for the video of GREEN DAY feat. Melissa on vocals @ Parc des Princes.
We're N°1 this week

AC/DC @ Stade de France
June 28 2010

People ask me for more, Here they are:

More Pictures HERE Part 1
More Pictures HERE Part 2

Whole lotta Rosie

I'll put more pictures from AEROSMITH @ Paris Bercy tomorrow.

ROCKERPARIS is taking a short vacation in the countryside for a few days, don't worry there will be some more everyday... next show: The Stooges @ Olympia.

Sorry if we couldn't upload any videos from Ben Harper & Pearl Jam from Arras' Main square festival.