Monday, July 26, 2010

The great Rock'n Roll swindle : Plastic Bertrand

Plastic Bertrand is famous in the whole world for singing the "Punk" hit " Ca Plane pour moi". It's been known for years that the real singer is the Belgian producer author & composer of the song : Lou Deprijck.
In 2006 Plastic Bertrand is sueing Lou Deprijck because he's fed up of hearing Lou telling everybody he's the real singer
The Belgian justice with independant experts have analyzed the song and they've just reach a verdict : Lou is not only the original singer on "Ca plane pour moi" but he's also the only singer on the first 4 records by Plastic Bertrand.
Why's that ?
Because the record Cie thought Plastic was a lousy singer and that Lou should keep on singing on all songs

The great Rock'n Roll swindle !!!