Monday, April 12, 2010

Melissa Auf Der Maur @ Fleche d' Or, Paris April 11th 2010

Melissa Auf der Maur + Toybloid
@ Fleche d' Or, Paris April 11th 2010
At last ! Melissa Auf Der Maur is back in Paris. It's been a few years.
I couldn't go to The Smashing Pumpkins' last gig in Paris Bercy with Melissa as U2 were playing a show @ Man Ray club (500 capacity) on the same night, and I can't remember seeing HOLE on their last tour either.

I'm quite surprise as I'm approaching La Fleche d' Or there's no one waiting outside and the club is half empty.
French all (but the drummer) female punk rock band Toybloid is about to go on stage.
Nice "1-2-3-4" Rock band with Ramones influences. 30 min set
La Fleche d'Or is now PACKED. Sunday night people are coming in later than usual.
Before Melissa gets on the stage we have a 30 min+ art film with a cool soundtrack à la Pink Floyd ( Meddle era but more rock ).
Then there's an additional 5-10 min to have the stage ready.
It's 9:45 PM when Melissa is touching her bass for the first time.
One drummer , one guitar player and bass player all dressed in black MadM logo on their shirt.
Of Course Melissa is stunning all dressed in black either. As sexy as ever.
Fluent in French , she's from Canada and in a chatty mood with the audience.
Lots of very sexy poses with her bass like the cover from the first solo album.

The music is heavy, better than on the album which is a bit... average.
She has decent tunes but it's hard to single out one.She doesn't really have a Great song that could make the difference.
There are lots of Indochine fans as Melissa played bass with them a few years ago.
see setlist below for details.

She only played songs from her records, no cover from Hole or SP ( too bad) in her 60+ min set.
She came to greet people aftershow: chatting, signing stuff and posing with everybody.
A real Angel ! I'm in love !

The only "soft" song of the show :