Friday, April 2, 2010

Maceo Parker @ Casino de Paris April 1st 2010

Maceo Parker @ Casino de Paris
Paris, April 1st 2010
After seeing The Four Tops & The Temptations for some SOUL music in this very same beautiful theatre yesterday night ( click for review & videos).
Today we're back with a vengeance for some FUNKY music with Maceo Parker.
The show is long Sold-out, the tickets were at a fair price : less than 40 euros.
French & sexy female singer Sophie Delila is opening, she's hot and has a very beautiful voice unfortunately the music she's playing sounds like Ayo and Ayo is a bit boring. But she did well.
Then we have master of the saxophone himself and former player for Mr James Brown ( as well as Martha High who's singing backing vocals ).
As you can guess lots of Funky music and lots of sax.
" We're gonna make it Funky" aww right man !
There were very good parts ( when he's playing the sax ) and some others less interesting (when there's the same rythm over and over for 15 min or when Maceo is repeating every 2 min " Give the band a round of applause") It tends to get on my nerves.

Maceo is doing a very good James Brown impersonator during the set, he even did a Ray Charles imitation that was breathless, including the voice.
Martha came to sing one down the front ( here on video).
Very Funky 2 hour set.

Maceo Parker & Martha High " think":