Thursday, April 8, 2010

Laura Marling @ Fleche d'Or, Paris April 7th 2010 11:00PM

Laura Marling @ Fleche d' Or
Paris April 7th 2010 11:00PM
After seeing Band of Horses playing @ Canal+ TV show L' Album de la Semaine, we rushed to the other side of Paris to catch Laura Marling's performance, fortunately we're on the guest list as it's SOLD-OUT tonight.

I remember seeing her at the Inrockuptibles Fest in Nov 2007, she only had a 15 min spot between two other bands, playing acoustic guitar in front of the red curtain @ La Cigale.

It's almost 10:45PM when we get there and there are still people outside queueing to get in.
Can you believe it ? They opened the club @ 8:30PM and you could only get a ticket at the door.
So Hot in there, it feels like beeing at the Bataclan.
Laura Marling is a hot ticket now even in France , I don't talk about England where she's the media darling.
Quite strange considering the music that she's playing , It's really folk music old fashioned way.
Maybe is it because she's really young ( maybe she has good tunes too).
The set was divided in 3 parts : 1st with her band , then solo and she ended the gig with the band back on stage.

Lots, I mean LOTS of beautiful girls in the audience and all very young ( late teens) with many Englishes and swedishes.
Too bad she only played for an hour.

Aftershow & setlist

Neil Young's cover " the needle and the damage done" NOT on setlist:

Last song of the show: