Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eagle Seagull @ Black Session #314 for C'est Lenoir, Paris April 26th 2010

Eagle Seagull @ Black Session#314, C'est Lenoir.
Radio France, Paris April 26th 2010

After beeing told a couple of days ago that The Divine Comedy's Black session on May 3rd was cancelled for a stupid reason : They were expecting a full band but Neil wanted to play on his own on the piano. It is now turned into a White Session but without audience.
Too Bad I was really looking forward to see Divine Comedy .. sorry Neil Hannon.

Anyway tonight in the cozy studio of La Maison de la Radio , American band from Nebraska Eagle Seagull is playing to promote new album The Year of the How-To Book out on March 29, 2010.They are currently signed to PIAS recordings, same record label as Divine Comedy.

For once i'm seating at the top just in front of the mixing desk, The music is really 80's with a couple of Keyboards but not too much and just a bit of guitars only for the rythm , no soli. Usually I hate this kind of bands but Eagle Seagull has some great melodies and the singer really makes me think of Rick Ocasek from The Cars (a couple of people told me Robert Smith).
Each song is a bit different some are more ambient , others more rock with cool arrangements and violin for some of them. The bass is really forward in the mix.
just music tonight no talking at all between songs from the singer who had his hair down in front of his face for the whole set.
Really nice gig, they're playing the Fleche d' Or on April 29th.


Billboard for Stevie Wonder @ Bercy in the tube