Friday, April 23, 2010

Don McLean & Jessica Kilroy @ Cigale, Paris April 22nd 2010

Don McLean + Jessica Kilroy
@ Cigale, Paris April 22nd 2010
After seeing so many young folk ladies @ Fleche d'Or, Maroquinerie or @ Oliver's , it's time to see the godfather of all these Folkies Mr Don Mc Lean.
The guy's a living legend unfortunately like all living legends at one moment in their career, no one seems to bother, particularly in France as the balcony is closed and the all seated pit is far from beeing full.
He's playing London's Royal Albert Hall next month (45 Euros).
Once again ticket prices were very expensive betwen 55 & 75 Euros.
He may be a legend in the US of A. not in France.

As we're taking our seats on the first row dead center @ 8:00PM , the beautiful Jessica Kilroy is already playing. She has been dubbed the new Emmylou Harris.
Really good looking , pure voice and folk (with a bit of country-bluegrass) songs.
Nice starter before Don McLean
Jessica Kilroy may look freil but the lady's a killer, she used to be a firefighter and a rock climbing guide in her Montana state.
Short intermission before Don McLean
He should have played with his band but because of the Volcano they couldn't fly to Europe so he's on his own for the beginning of his European Tour.
I'm not really familiar with his repertoire apart from a couple of his hits but as he's alone on stage he has decided to play songs that he normally doesn't play.
He's starting the gig with a Buddy holly cover, he will play other covers (Dylan's "Masters of War", Woody Guthrie's "Hard travelling " on banjo , Elvis Presley's "That's all right mama") and maybe a few others.
Lots of folk songs including some written at the beginning of last century.
Between Johnny Cash & Neil Diamond or Elvis (when he was playing ballads on acoustic guitar).
He's telling lots of stories between songs.
Very enthousiastic audience
Of course he played ( a long version) of his Hit "American Pie" dedicated to Buddy Holly as the last song of his 110 min concert.
It's here on video sorry it's cut looong before the end !
Very nice evening, too bad we were so few @ La Cigale.

Signing stuff but not shaking hand ;-)

" American Pie":

CSN shortly in Paris