Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Soft Pack & The Parisians @ Nouveau Casino , Paris Feb 4th 2010

The Soft Pack + The Parisians @
Nouveau Casino, Paris feb 4th 2010

The Parisians

Thursday evening, I guess that froggies prefer to stay home as the club is far from beeing packed and the guest list is as long as Ron Jeremy's dick.
It looks like french opening act The Parisians didn't come with their possee.
Is the "Baby Rocker" movement already dead & cold ?
Some good and some bad moments for a band heavily influenced by the Stooges ( or Marky Ramone for the drummer) they even play the intro to "Michelle" from G'N R.

Then we have The Soft Pack from California, it's a time machine for the 60's Garage rock, short songs with typical 60's guitar sound.
Funny they have a drummer who's standing up to play his drums like Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats
Short set as they barely play for an hour with no encore ?!?


Here's a video: