Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Rodeo + Oh! Tiger Mountain @ Café de la Danse, Paris march 30th 2010

The Rodeo + Oh ! Tiger Mountain
@ Café de la Danse
Paris March 30th 2010

Back to the Café de la Danse in Bastille where we saw English youngsters and Rock'n Rollers Kitty Daisy & Lewis.
The show is starting very early with a French guy on the electric guitar on his own called Oh! Tiger Mountain , cool bluesy-Folk rock songs and dark voice unfortunately the poor guy is losing all credibility when trying to be funny between songs.

Le café de la danse is really packed when The Rodeo ( a cute french asian girl on vocals + a drummer and a guy on fiddle & keyboard) is taking the stage.
Once again the lightning is complete shit for the whole set.
I thought The rodeo was a pop band , not at all it's folk-americana.
They have cool songs but not one seems to be really catchy with a real hook.
Nice set above average.