Sunday, March 7, 2010

Morning Star + Youth Less + Milos @ Espace B, Paris March6th 2010

Morning Star + Youth Less + Milos Unplugged
@ Espace B, Paris March 6th 2010
Morning Star

Saturday's night all right for folking ( I think I already did this one !) @ Espace B for Top of the Folks.
Morning Star with the Pop Choir feat. Jesse D Vernon is the first artist to play.
Pop-Folk songs with harmony vocals feat. our good friend Sionnan-red-pants on backing vocals, a journey back into the 60's.
Just one guitar, some vocals a bit of flute ( can't do no harm).
Really cool set

Youth Less

French folk young lady Youth Less is next, acoustic guitar in hand, her favorite singer is Emiliana Torrini so you can guess that she's not playing Heavy metal. If you like Suzanne Vega or Cat Power you'll be charmed by this young lady.

Milos Unplugged

Another french band from bordeaux Milos unplugged, lots of different influences Folk, South American, rock.
The trumpet is adding something extra,a trip to a spaghetti western in Mexico with Ennio Morricone's sountrack in the background.
It makes me wanna listen to Freddie hubbard's ( a jazz trumpetist) masterpiece "a soul Experiment".

The Last Morning soundtrack closed the Top of the Folks evening we saw a couple of songs, they seem quite good less folk more pop à la Grandaddy.

At Rockerparis we don't really have the time to go to small gigs like this but i'm very surprised by the musicianship of these bands compare to... the Babyrockers which , when you think of it are really shit for most of'em.

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