Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Panik Angelik @ Truskel ( Abstract Party ) Paris March 2nd 2010

Panik Angelik @ "Abtract party" @ Truskel bar in Paris
March 2nd 2010
Kids wanna rock

Lo Phi Phil is da man for these "Abstract" gigs @ Truskel with baby rockers, as we call them, coming from different parts of France to play in Paris.
Tonight we have Panik Angelik.
Are they gonna storm Paris ?
Not really but it's always interesting to see kids playing Rock'n roll , actually they are quite good too bad they're singing in french ( with funny lyrics about "girls getting wet", Hum Those kids ! )

Lots of (good looking)female in the audience , I'm sure the band had a good time afterwards.
Let's not forget DJ Mime mixing some "interesting" 80's new wave music ?!? feat early Depeche mode , Visage...

the audience & DJ Mime is getting ready

Aerosmith billboard in the tube

Tomorrow's gig is Vera Gogh playing Le Vieux Leon bar ( Rue de la grande Truanderie 75001).