Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fargo records opened store in Paris

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Fargo record store in Paris
March 2nd 2010

Le Marais district

It's a day off for us here @ Rockerparis , well in fact for Patrice Guino, our photographer.
So what did you do today you lazy bastard ?

First I went to the Izis exhibition @ Hotel de Ville de Paris ( free entrance ) for once not too many people queueing outside.
Lots of great Pics from London , Paris, Chagall at work ...

Then time to move to the new record store opened by Fargo records , we walk through the Marais ( see Pics below) to the store ( 42 rue de La Folie Mericourt 11e M° Oberkampf ) which is 3 min walk from the famous Bataclan theatre.
Before that we bumped into a Toy store with thousands of different dolls from Cartoons, movies , musicians , tv series including some Beatles ( see below ) the 4 of them for 500 Euros.
Nice and quiet street for the Fargo store selling the Fargo catalogue ( Alela Diane , Joseph Arthur,Great Lake swimmers,Neal casal... ) + everything related to Rock & the Americana.

CDs, vynils, Boxsets, Books...

Not only a record store , you can buy books , dvds, vinyls, magazines, T-shirts, Lted edition posters, very expensive paintings ( 300 euros ) and some reaaaally cool Mexican shit ( Pics below) at a fair price.

Reaaally cool Mexican Rock frames

The guys from Fargo are music fanatics, check their store or website for some cool blues , folk , rock stuff.
Paintings & Limited edition silk-sceen printings