Monday, July 13, 2009

U2 Second Show Part 1 @ Stade de France July 12th 2009

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Second Show @ Stade de France
Paris July 12th 2009
Part 1
Part 2 ( click on Link )

First show yesterday HERE
Back to the very same place to see U2. Both shows are sold-out .
Yesterday I didn't really appreciate the concert, maybe that's because I was surounded by fat cunts and the pit was packed and I was on the side ...

ALL PICTURES © Guino Patrice
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Today it's different I am standing JUST in front of Bono and The Edge ( our fellow photographer Patrice Guino in not too far).
The view is perfect , there are lots of empty spaces ( you could lie down during the gig without being disturbed ) and the people are nice.
Probably the best spot I ever had at the Stade de France .
I guess it was almost the same set as yesterday but good point not to much of Bono 's stupid political statements.
Thank god we didn't get, this time, a conversation with those guys from the Space Station.
Cool atmosphere down the front, great show.
OK the new songs are still complete crap with their OOoohh AaaAAhHh !

Massive from here

AAArrgghh !

Let there be light


AAaaAAaa HhhHH !