Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jarvis Cocker @ Galerie Chappe Day 2 Paris May 6th 2009

Day 2
Jarvis Cocker @ Galerie Chappe
May 6th 2009

The Beauty & the Beast
The Beast & the Beauty

Another day of great performance by Jarvis & Friends , I was there a little late today so i've missed a couple of hours of rehearsals ( playing new songs ) and the "Kids class" .Songs played : Angela , homewrecker, freres Jacques , I never said I was deep.
Then with kids Choregraphy ( see video here ) : further Complications & Homewrecker
Jarvis once again invited people to play with the band for a few instrumental songs
including some relaxation music.
The day ended with Jarvis playing a few more new songs Further Complications, I Never Said I Was Deep, Fuckingsong, Caucasian Blues( see video here ), Morning Dew ( not in this order ) until 6:00 PM.
Setlist of what Jarvis played from HERE ( scroll down for the second day ). An excellent site on Divine Comedy.
Groupies are getting younger and younger these days

Jarvis playing new song " Caucasian Blues":

Jarvis messing with the kids: