Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great lake Swimmers + Amélie @ L' international Paris May 26th 2009

Great Lake Swimmers + Amélie @ L' international
Paris May 26th 2009


After seeing Kasabian @ Canal+ we headed to the , now very trendy , L' International in Ménilmontant.
First time I was getting there. Nice place there is a bar and downstairs is the stage where bands are playing.
First is a funny blonde girl Amélie with a guitarist and drummer , she has a high voice and is acting funny. Nice set.
Then we have Great Lake Swimmers , I have never heard of that Canadian band before and it was a really interesting discovery.
There is a girl on keyboard and backing vocals , a drummer , a guitar and banjo player , a upright bass player and the singer-songwriter .
Typical canadian folkies with the shirt and beard ( except fot the girl of course ).
They made me think of a folk version of Grandaddy with nice harmony vocals and cool songs.

Blood red shoes on my way home