Thursday, December 4, 2008

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan + Marie - Flore @ Trabendo Paris Dec 3rd 2008

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan are bak at the Trabendo club in Paris a few months after playing La Cigale in June .

First there is a cute French young girl ( ? ) who played a few songs on her own.
The girl is so shy it's hard to believe . She's almost sorry to play in front of us.
She did a very nice set reminding me of the early Cat Power, she's singing with a very soft voice, when she's pushing it a bit she has a high clear voice.
She's the Mistery girl tonight as no one could gave me her name ( i'll try to find out ).
YES I CAN : She's Marie-Flore , i don't know why but i guess it was her , it's funny a friend of mine ( the famous Oliver Peel ) talk to me about her a few days ago and here she is in front of me in flesh & blood . So Marie - Flore if ever you're reading this , hope you'll do an Oliver Peel session soon.
Check her myspace :

Here's a link to a video i've recorded at the Trabendo :

Opening artist : Marie - Flore

Same kind of music with headliners Isobel & Mark , that's their 3rd show in Paris since they started working together. They're still promoting their latest studio record " Sunday at devil dirt" but their were selling a live double CD at the merchendise .
Nothing has change with the happy couple (LoL) Mark has still the same very low voice , closed eyes , mic in hand all dressed in black and Isobel is still doing so nice soft vocals , playing a bit of Cello eyes wide open .

People are listening religiously. Not really the type of music to headbang to .
Sometimes you need to hear some laid back music and just relax , that's what we did tonight :
Relax and enjoy this fine gig.

Their most heavy song for tonight :

Show ended early 10:30 pm so then we went to the Truskel hoping to catch the end of Adam Ficek ( Babyshambles ) but we were too late as the show had started at 9 pm instead of 10 pm. So we went home. Just called a friend past midnight and Adam was back @ The Bergerac bar to play , from what i've been told , a better show than the one the previous night.