Friday, December 19, 2008

Duffy + Jamie Lidell @ Bataclan Paris Dec 19th 2008

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+ Jamie Lidell @ Bataclan Paris Dec 19th 2008 , Virgin radio tour .

Other artists were supposed to play tonight and were announced at the very beginning but were cancelled later : Keziah Jones & Yael Naim .

Jamie doing the show

Of course the Bataclan is Sold- out , some people have payed ( 25 euros ) to be here tonight but as it's a radio show ( part of the show was broadcasted live on Virgin radio ) there are a lots of invits .
It's 70 % female audience , many think Jamie's cute but most of' 'em are here for Duffy who's very popular in France .
Early start , Jamie's on at 7:45 PM , He's a real showman always dancing, jumping, playing percussions and so on ... in the end it's getting on my nerves, he's doing a bit too much.
As long as he's playing his " Light" funk that's allright but when he starts doing the DJ on his own with his sample machine it's quite boring ( his last show at the Rock en Seine was like this and it was sooo bad ).
Nice hour gig but ...

Still doing it

Duffy 's next .
Her record is probably( one of ) the best selling this year.
I saw her for the first time just 9 months ago in February @ Canal+, tv show " l' Album de la semaine" in front of a 100 people and she was completely unknown.
It's amazing how fast singers can become famous .
Same happened with Amy Winehouse after seeing her at the very same tv show she was selling out huge venues a few months later.

Unfortunately for Duffy her music is far from being as exciting and she's far from having the charisma of Amy. She's like a nice polish version but without the " spark" that makes Amy so special .
At least she's sexy now , she has dropped her silly country girl dresses she used to wear a few months ago. Good point she's sexy but is still dressed like the girl's nextdoor . I like that .
She's more confortable on stage now than last time , she's walking the stage , but she should let it go a bit more .
The show is nice but way too nice , it's like going to a Razorlight or a Stereophonics concert : everything is too perfect , its good but there's no excitement at all.
Enjoyable though but too short less than 1 hour with no encore
Come on Duffy i'm sure you can do better .


That was my last gig for 2008 ( the 208th ).

Pete Doherty is playing the Bataclan on March 9th 2009.