Friday, July 11, 2008

ZZ TOP Paris Zénith July 10th 2008


So many people are playing in Paris this June. after Kiss and Iron Maiden another Classic Rock act is in town : ZZ TOPTickets are once again very expensive ( 55 to 80 euros )but the zénith is quiet full.
Can't remember last time i saw them , They haven't been in Paris for a while , their popularity after a couple of average records went downhill here . They haven't released any cd for a few years but who wants to hear any new material . Tonight they're gonna give what people want : Classic songs. So Rock on Baby !!!

Sharp dressed men

" Got me under pressure " started the gig like some nytro would do to a hot rod engine and then we were treated with classics and only classics . ( setlist to come soon ... )
The sound is clear , the stage is neat and the lightshow is absolutely stunning. some people might argue that they're playing on auto-pilot but even then they're kicking ass .
Of course they've changed their guitars several times ( see pictures ) that's their trademark .
So sad that only after 80 min they're leaving the stage for the first time ( ZZ Top has never played long sets ) ." Tush" had everyone, not convinced yet, on their knees and a rare second encore is played with " Jailhouse rock " the Coup de Grace.
Rock On Baby !!!

Got Me Under Pressure, Waiting for the Bus, Jesus Left Chicago, Chevrolet, Pincushion, I'm Bad I'm Nationwide, Heard It On The X, Just Got Paid, I Need You Tonight, Cheap Sunglasses, Planet of Women, Gimme All Your Lovin, Sharp Dressed Man, Legs, Tube Snake Boogie, La Grange/Sloppy Drunk/Bar-B-Q, Tush, Jailhouse Rock.