Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BECK Paris Olympia July 7th 2008

Beck is at Paris' Olympia to promote is then unreleased new cd "Modern Guilt" ( It's coming out today )
The Olympia is Sold-out and we're expecting a lot from this talented 38 year old young man,
Maybe we're expecting too much ; from what i heard from the new record he left all his electronic shit at home and took back his guitar to the studio , Right.
He used to have many , many people on stage , tonight it's stripped down to a more conventional Drums , Bass , Guitars ( 2 including his ) and Keyboards . So it should rock ...
The gig started in a nice way with some rock tunes , the band is rocking unfortunately it didn't last long . It's also obvious that some of the backing vocals are pre-recorded tapes.
I don't know what's wrong with the guy , he's got the material but that's the way he plays it .
He looks like a 70 year old man on stage , it's like his power had vanished or he's somewhere else .
The gig was good but we feel that it could have been sooo much better.
After ONLY 1h20 he's escorted backstage ...
All we have here is unfinished business ...

Thanks to Guino Patrice for the pictures.
Videos to come soon

check for more : http://fr.youtube.com/user/rockingparis