Friday, July 18, 2008

B 52 ' S PARIS BATACLAN JULY 18th 2008

Time for some nice electronic pop-rock with the B52s just after the Funky stuff from Bootsy Collins and the JBs.
The B52s haven't been in Paris for many years so the Hot & Sweaty Bataclan is SOLD-OUT.
Their music is not really my cup of tea, even if i liked a couple of their hit songs, but i 've been told that they were entertaining on stage.
And YES they were ENTERTAINING, their pop-rock sounds really good on stage , the feminine harmonies of both female singers Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson are working perfectly in live conditions. The singer Fred Schneider ( you know the one with the weird voice ) is quiet funny to watch .
OK the music is not fantastic ( i mean not all of it ) but the 3 leaders down the front know how to put on a show , they're having fun and we're having fun .
Note : Monster drummer Sterling Campbell was behind the drum kit ( He's David Bowie's ).

So a very enjoyable night after all ...

Videos online, their single" Funplex " here :
and " Planet Claire" :