Monday, February 3, 2014

Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in Paris Day 1, Feb 03 2014

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Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in Paris Day 1, Feb 03 2014
14 on Fire
Keith & Ronnie in Paris (thanks to Laurent D)

Finally the Stones are in Paris for the rehearsals of the "14 on Fire" Tour.
We were expecting them to start last week, everything was ready in the studio for a few days now just waiting for them to turn up.
The band arrived on saturday, Charlie and Ronnie from London on Eurostar, Keith on sunday from the US of A, from reports: he was on the same plane as Tenniswoman Serena Williams.
Chuck Leavell and Darryl Jones are here too, no one else...
Of course Mick Jagger is here , he was the last one to get into the studio,as usual, and waved to fans on his way in and out (from what I've been told).

Paris is freezing now.
The band after a few months' rest is very tight, they only messed up "Doom & Gloom" with several false starts and finally nailed it. They played it again for security.
The band is on fine spirit.

setlist 1st day

1) Bitch
2) All Down The Line 
3) IORR 
4) Just My Imagination
5) Live with me
6) You got me rocking
Long Break
7) Paint it black
8) Respectable
9) Rocks off
10) Beast of Burden
11) Dead Flowers
12) Shine a light
13) Let it bleed
14) Doom & Gloom (1st version with several false start)
15) Doom & Gloom (perfect)
16) Tumbling Dice
17) When the whip comes down
18) Worried about you
19) She's so cold
20) Miss You
21) Start me up

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