Monday, January 21, 2013

Meeting with Peter Hook @ Motel, Paris Jan 21 2013

Meeting with Peter Hook @ Motel, Paris Jan 21 2013 7:00PM

Lots of people tonight in this very tiny club nearby Bastille, of course they were more than an hour late and it started past 8:00pm.
The interview is well prepared with an English journalist asking questions and the translator of the  "Unknown Pleasures" book Suzy Borello doing the french parts.
From the very beginning when Peter Hook attended the Sex Pistols gig, that started it all, in Manchester to his latest band "covering" everysong that Joy Division recorded,which has never been done before, Peter is nice and chatty.
Funny to learn that Joy Division did cover The Doors in their youth (no recording exists).
After this conversation where no video recording was allowed ( wait for our short video anyway) by the management Peter signed both his new books, that's when we decided to leave the premises as we had a conference to attend in St Germain des Pres on North Korea.

À l’occasion de la parution de "l’Haçienda, la meilleure façon de couler un club" et de "Unknown Pleasures, Joy Division vu de l’intérieur", rencontre exceptionnelle avec Peter HOOK. Un moment d’échange pour parler d’un club et d’un groupe de légende suivi d’un temps de dédicace.
Il sera possible d'acheter des livres sur place.
La rencontre sera suivie d'un DJ set de SHIT BROWNE
Une rencontre organisée par les éditions le Mot et le Reste, la librairie L’Arbre à lettres et le bar Le Motel.