samedi 29 août 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah , Passion Pit , Madness , Vampire Weekend , Bloc Party & OASIS...NOT Madness @ Rock en Seine August 28th 2009

Oasis ... NOT , Madness & Madness , Bloc Party , Vampire Weekend ,Passion Pit,
Yeah Yeah Yeah + Others
@ Rock en Seine Parc de St Cloud August 28th 2009

First is the Yeah Yeah Yeah , The music is uninventive , the singer is doing the show , nice clothes honey , the kids like her and it was chaos down the pit for the heavier songs , good set.
SETLIST ( courtesy of Oliver Peel ):
01: ?
02: Phenomena
03: Heads Will Roll
04: Pin
05: Dull Life
06: Gold Lion
07: Miles Away
08: Soft Shock
09: Maps
10: Honeybear
11: Zero
12: Cheated Hearts
13: Date With The Night

Passion Pit was next for me , I saw them yesterday night at the Album de la semaine , the singer didn't know if he could make it as he has a sore throat. So it was nice to see them playing at the Rock en Seine. Nice set of electro-pop. So sad we had to leave before the end to go and see Madness

Madness did a great set with all the classics ( baggy trousers , Madness , our House , it must be love ... ) they opened with " one step beyond" to the delight of the massive crowd pogoing straight from the beginning of the set. They did a couple of new songs.
The show ended with " night boat to cairo "

Best gig of the day ! Madness !!!

SETLIST ( courtesy of Oliver Peel ):
01: One Step Beyond
02: Embarassment
03: The Prince
04: Nw 5
05: My Girl
06: The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
07: The Sun And The Rain
08: Out Of Space
09: Dust Devil
11: Forever Young
12: House Of Fun
13: Baggy Trousers
14: Our House
15: It Must Be Love
16: Madness
17: Night Boat To Cairo

Some girls ( right )

Nice legs... and boots ( left )

Vampire weekend played on the main stage and were complete crap , i really wonder how they could secure such a high place on the bill and on the main stage.
Their music is sooo boring.

Bloc Party did a good and a longer set as the singer announced on stage that Oasis had cancelled their appearance so they can play more songs .
I'm not too convinced with their dance songs but when they rock ... they rock.

Then we went to the main stage , a couple of friends told me that they made an announcement . Oasis was on sight , Liam and Noel fought in their dressing room so the show is cancelled , Oasis is no more and the rest of the tour is cancelled too.
What a bunch of fucking morons , no respect for their fans FUCK' EM.

The great news is that MADNESS is playing another gig , this time on the main stage .GREAT, they started later than Oasis should have.
They are playing a shorter set with all the classics , once again people are dancing to the music but many of them have already left the sight.
The guys are laughing at Liam and Noel a couple of times and thank the audience for welcoming them once again.
Another great show.

Second show, different clothes
" night boat to Cairo "

Perfect to have 2 shows by Madness in a couple of hours as I've never been a fan of the "moron brothers".

Madness & family