mercredi 25 février 2009

Chris Cornell @ Cigale Feb 24th

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Chris Cornell @ Cigale in paris Feb 24th 2009
Nice to see Chris Cornell back in Paris after his gig was cancelled last June.
He did a set at the trendy night club the Showcase in 2007 and he was smoking , playing a Best of... his whole career .
Unfortunately tonight things are very different , he's here to promote his shitty new cd produced by Timbaland and tonight's concert consisted of his WHOLE new cd.
No need to tell you that the first 45 min were complete crap , lots of backing tapes , loops and samples.
We were several wondering ( including me & Patrice Guino , our fellow photographer) if he was really singing live , i honestly think that for most of it he wasn't.
He played a bit of acoustic guitar but it seemed it wasn't plugged.
Come on Chris ! What happened to ya !
Second part of the show( which was brilliant ) was introduced with the James Bond Theme " you know my name " and then the show really started playing Soundgarden' s " Rusty Cage " , "Outshined" and " Loud Love" + others including a great version of Temple of Dog 's " hunger strike " .

Shame that Chris Cornell has become such a joke !!!

SETLIST : ( from Chris Cornell's site )
Intro - Part of me - Time -Sweet Revenge - Get up - Ground Zero - Never Far Away -Take Me Alive - Long Gone - Scream -Enemy - Other Side Of Town - Climbing The Walls - Watch Out - You Know My Name - Wide awake - Rusty Cage - Loud Love - Hunger Strike - Outshined

There was suposed to be a meeting with competition winners that was cancelled because Chris left the venue straight after the gig. Nice !
" You know my Name " :