Friday, February 7, 2014

Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in Paris Day 5 , Feb 07 2014

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Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in Paris Day 5 , Feb 07 2014
 Mick Taylor
Mick Jagger & Pair of Charlie's Sticks

"Historical" moment as THE ROLLING STONES  rehearsed WITHOUT Keith Richards (he's back to London as he's having a grand-child from what I've heard) and WITH  Mick Taylor.

They struggled a bit on a couple of songs, only one guitar...just needed to get it going without the Riffmeister at the very beginning but afetr several attempt it was steaming...
Difficult to say on which songs exactly Mick played  but to the best of our knowledge MT played on all songs rehearsed on Fri 7 Feb.

1) Silver Train
2) Ventilator Blues (intro only)
3) Sway ( several attempt -4 or5)
4) Get Off of My Cloud
5) Let it bleed
6) Live with me ( with false start)
7) Respectable
8) Angie (?)
9) Street of love (x2)
10) She's so cold
11) Heartbreaker (x2)
12) Can't you hear me knocking ( fantastic version, sounded like on the original album)
13) D&G
14) Emotional Rescue
15) Moonlight Mile (x2)
16) Shine a light

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Chances of a show on Feb 10th in Paris have dropped from 10% to 0,1%