Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in Paris Day 4 , Feb 06 2014

 Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in Paris Day 4 , Feb 06 2014
 Charlie and Ronnie's plectrum

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setlist DAY 4:
1) Heartbreaker (x2)
2) She was Hot (with false start)
3) Sympathy
4) Memory Hotel
5) If you can't rock me
6) (X2, second version with false start)  SILVER TRAIN (NOT "Dance little sister", sorry)
7) Can't you hear me knocking
----------Long Break-------------
8) Fool to cry (x2)
9) Let's spend the night together (x2)
10) Iorr
11) Far away eyes (x2)
12) Love in Vain
 (Mick leaving the studio)
13) Slipping Away (x2) Keith vocals

We were expecting MT but no sign of the gunslinger, maybe tomorrow ?

Chances of having The Stones playing a "secret" show @ Trianon on Feb 10th... well... I give it 10% ( Note:  only MY personal opinion)
It could be in another club (on the same day ???), maybe the Trabendo one more time (?)

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