Friday, February 28, 2014

Beady Eye @ Bataclan, Paris Feb 27 2014

Beady Eye @ Bataclan, Paris Feb 27 2014
First time that we're seeing Liam Gallagher with his own band Beady Eye, Can't tell you that we were great OASIS fans, in fact we were NOT. Funnily enough we've seen Noel Gallagher's band High Flying Birds quite a few times and we liked what we saw and heard.

A lot a people warned us before the show, you don't like OASIS so you're gonna hate this... in fact NO.
That's enjoyable, Liam's not playing the douchebag like he used to in Oasis, songs are pretty good, maybe not as good as Noel's and the voice is fine

Even fans told us this concert was much better that the previous one in Paris.

Overall good show and ...
Rockin' the Bataclan with a cover of THE ROLLING STONES' Gimme Shelter for the Encore.
  1. Flick Of The Finger
  2. Face The Crowd
  3. Four Letter Word
  4. Soul Love
  5. Second Bit Of The Apple
  6. Iz Rite
  7. Shine A Light
  8. Wonderwall
  9. The World’s Not Set In Stone
  10. I’m Just Saying
  11. Soon Come Tomorrow
  12. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  13. The Roller
  14. Start Anew
  15. Bring The Light
  16. Wigwam
  17. Gimme Shelter